“Suggest termination of lessons as a complete waste of my time.”

Photo: Sebastian Radu, Unsplash

How lockdown gave us an opportunity to re-connect and appreciate everything we have

From now on, I’ll be writing for me

Photo: Jonas Leupe Unsplash

Medium’s such a distraction and a bit addictive, but I’m loving it

A lesson in pursuing the things that make us happy

Yet, there is hope

Photo: Archie McColl Mead

Tap into the energy of early morning

Photo: Courtesy of Archie McColl Photography

Money shouldn’t be one of them— Sorry

The one thing I can take from this is how lucky I am

The pandemic won’t stop us…

Image: Children with Cancer UK

Haimish Mead

Award winning communications professional, journalist, editor for ILLUMINATION and mentor. Putting a positive perspective on life.

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